Online Marketing Company in India


ALPHABET DEVELOPERS LLP is a leading and well known IT & outsourcing company based in Jaipur that provides the quality services and solutions to its clients and customers by development design and implementing solutions. We provide our best IT & outsourcing Services around the globe including Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Web Design & Development, E-commerce Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click advertising, and well known to provide the world-class customer support in the industry. We work on the customer satisfaction and believe in the committed work to our clients,…

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Open Source Software Turns 20-Something

Open source led to a new software development and distribution model that offered an alternative to proprietary software. No single event takes the prize for starting the technology revolution. However, Feb. 3, 1998, is one of the more significant dates. On that day, Christine Peterson, a futurist and lecturer in the field of nanotechnology, coined the “open source” term at a strategy session in Palo Alto, California, shortly after the release of the Netscape browser source code. Later that month, Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens formed the Open Source Initiative, an…

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Most Companies Have No Idea Where They Are Going

Dell recently collaborated with the Institute for the Future — an interesting think tank largely driven by futurists, which focuses on helping firms ride future waves rather than being killed by them — on a survey that creates a frightening view of 2030. It could be far closer to Terminator than the utopia we once hoped for. I think more companies should go through a process like this. The reason is that it could help overcome what has become an overwhelming trend to ignore the future and instead focus excessively on quarterly results. That trend…

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Russians Pose as Americans to Steal Data on Social Media

Americans were targeted on social media by Russian agents on a mission to harvest personal information, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The agents pretended to work for organizations promoting African-American businesses as a ruse to obtain personal information from black business owners during the 2016 presidential election campaign, according to the report. Using names like “BlackMattersUS” and “Black4Black,” the agents set up hundreds of accounts on Facebook and Instagram, the WSJ said. As part of its efforts to address the abuse of its platform during the election, Facebook introduced a tool that would…

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Google launches ‘Speed Scorecard’ and ‘Impact Calculator’ tool to improve mobile sites

Given the importance of speed as a metric, Google at Mobile World Congress is introducing new tools to help mobile sites improve their end-user experiences. The first is a comparison tool, while the second helps calculate the monetary impact of speed. Google notes that slow mobile sites often serve as a hindrance to the user experience: “In fact, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load, according to Google data from 2016.” With the new mobile Speed Scorecard tool, sites can see how fast they load…

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YouTube now lets Live viewers control streamers’ lights and pet feeders


YouTube today announced it’s introducing new features to its Live streams to bring its communities closer together.   Among the changes is chat replay, which allows anyone watching saved livestreams to see the chat — an indispensable feature when rewatching streams as you might otherwise wonder who or what the streamers are responding to. Twitch introduced a similar feature two years ago. Other changes include tagging your location in livestreams, and the ability to search streams by location. YouTube is also bringing its auto-generated captions to streams, which means you’ll probably see…

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5 Software Development Trends for 2018


Demand for Blockchain developers will explode Blockchain became a hot tech topic in 2017, thanks in no small part to Bitcoin’s meteoric rise. But beyond digital currency, blockchain is a technology poised to revolutionize nearly every industry. In 2018, we’ll start to see the first attempts at this disruption through business-class blockchain platforms.Many of the legacy technology companies introduced their own blockchain platforms in 2017. IBM is considered the leader, and they are already penning partnerships with banks, food distributors, and government regulatory agencies to put blockchain to use. However,…

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Google showcasing VR180 w/ contest to professionally capture your treasured memories

Last year, Google announced VR180 photos and videos to challenge existing 360 degree capture. With cameras announced at CES 2018, Google believes that its format is better at capturing immersive moments. To prove this, Google is hosting a contest where it will professional capture a “special memory” that you want preserved. Most akin to point-and-shoot cameras, VR180 captures half the field of view of 360 content, but with a more realistic sense of depth, according to Google. In its adverting, VR180 and several Googlers have touted that the experience of watching captured content in VR headsets is like having…

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